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Our mission is to help our neighbors stay connected and such
during power blackouts and other emergencies
by sharing information and our nerdy personal experiences.

SCE Circuit Info

SCE Public Safety Power Shutoffs

SCE Distributed Resources Plan External Portal (DRPEP)
SCE Power Site Search Tool

Topanga Circuits

Vicasa -- Likely Larger
Cheney -- Likely Smaller and Part of Vicasa
Bonnell -- Likely Gone
Sylvia -- Likely Gone
Nicholas -- Likely Vicasa Now

All Circuits

SCE Document Library -- Partly Out of Date

Wind Map

Weather Stations - Local

Overview Map

Weather Station Surface Map View
Once open, follow these instructions:
1. In the left panel for "Network" choose "All Networks" from the drop down.
2. In "Display" choose "Overlay 1 and 2" for the value that you wish to display (e.g.,"Current Wind Speed" and "Current Wind Gust").
3. Zoom in/out to the view that you want.

6 Day Fire Threat Forecast

USDA Forest Service and Predictive Services - ABC News


Saddle Peak Panoramic Camera

69 Bravo
Once open, follow these instructions:
1. Select the view you wish to see (default is "360° View").
2. Click the play button.

SCE Fire Cameras - Topanga

SCE Fire Cameras - Other

SCE Fire Cameras - LA, Ventura & Orange Counties
Once open, follow these instructions:
1. Enlarge the right panel and zoom to your desired location.
2. Click on the camera you want then click on the image at the top of the pop-up.
One can also select the desired camera from the images below the main image.

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